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We make you succeeding, bridging in between cultures.

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@ solutions

We provide solutions for, and around successful market entry. Product definition, feature selection, market analysis, target market areas, competition analysis, marketing and management consulting, distribution services, customer support and after-sales services, as well as translation services. Always with the goal, to creat a long-term success for our customers and brands.

@geographical market - China

>1.3 billion people population, and the worldwide second largest economy. A vital country with 56 different nationalities under “one roof”. Markets develop fast and very different from Europe.
You have already a great product and want to place it successfully in China? Or you did already the first step, and seek faster growth? We will help you to bridge the culture, create long-term success and satisfied customers.

For Chinese companies planning to expand to Germany and for German companies searching success in China

@geographical market - Germany

Germany is the biggest economic power in Europe and the 4th biggest in the World. With > 80million people population, it is also the country with the highest population in Europe. You like to enter the European market? Germany should be your country of choice. Regulations are challenging but together with intellidi, your product, your distribution and market entry will be a success. 


We love innovation. Digital or non-digital - we focus on innovative physical products and innovative services, and companies, who want to lead the market. We support you with your B2C and also B2B products. 
Or is your company combining physical products with services? Perfekt! 
We are looking forward to offer you our services, to make your product and solution as well as your company, leading the market!

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